How to take care of a tattoo ?

What is needed:  

  • cling film/ food wrapping film
  • medical tape
  • Pegasus Tattoo cream

After 3-4 hours, take off the wrapping carefully and wash the tattoo with clean, cold water. Then cream the area thinly and wrap it again.

Repeat this in every 3-4 hours daily. At night, leave the wrapping on it and change it in the morning. Chill the tattoo with ice or cold water several times a day. Treat your tattoo this way, through 2-3 days/nights.

After 2-3 days, you don’t need the wrapping anymore, but you must wash the area with cold water and cream it thinly.

Throughout the first 3-4  weeks, avoid sunbathing and using tanning beds. Try to forget swimming in a pool or the lake.

Keep the tattooed area away from dust, dirt, injuries and physical stress.

Do not scrape off the thin layer, appearing on the tattooed skin.

We advise you to use high protection sun cream later on, when sunbathing / using tanning beds.


How to take care of a piercing?

What is needed:  

  • Octenisept
  • sterile bandages
  • (in case of lip/cheek/tongue  piercings: Corsodyl mouthwash)

A few hours after getting the piercing: take off the bandage carefully and wash the area with clear, cold water. Then put another bandage on it and keep the piercing covered all day long. (It’s useful to repeat this through 3 weeks.)

At night, take off the bandage, so the skin takes air in.

Spray the wound regularly with Octenisept. (Use Corsodyl mouthwash 3-4 times a day, in case of lip/cheek/tongue piercings.)

Chill it with ice, several times a day.

Swimming, sunbathing and using tanning beds are FORBIDDEN, in order to avoid inflammation and infection. Try to forget swimming in a pool or the lake.

Don’t use soap or shower gel to clean the area. Don’t put body cream or other cosmetics on it. Don’t experiment with other kinds of cream, because they may cause allergic reaction or inflammation.

Keep the piercing away from hot water, dust, dirt, obstruction and injuries.




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